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5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape

Upload : 25 Des 2016
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5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape
From a man appearing out of nowhere on a road in Russia, to a man disappearing in a library, here are 5 People With Superpowers Caught on Tape - Part 2

Please listen to my thoughts and commentary about this video. I know a lot of these may not be real but it's really cool to think about a world where humans have superpowers. These videos can still be very entertaining to watch that's why I made this.

For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos.

I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my original commentary related to the topic and hire professional voice over artists that can properly convey the the theme of the video. Most importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech or, to create a creepy atmosphere while watching the video.

I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell.

It usually takes us week to create 1 video and hopefully, we can create more videos per week without sacrificing quality in the future!

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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