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27 Funniest Tattoos Ever!

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Top Funniest Tattoos Ever! This is the most hilarious crazy collection of the best and world’s worst tattoos

Today we look at 27 of the funniest tattoos ever! These crazy tattoos will put a smile on your face

Forget rogaine or hair transplants, just get this tattoo. people will get the idea.

This guy showing off his hard earned 6-pack crafted after years of hittin the buffet

Rick Astley
Every time this guy says hey want to see my tattoo he gets to Rick roll whoever’s looking.

Gardening ain’t easy but it’s necessary

This person having some fun with their missing toe.

It’s not that this tattoo itself is funny but it’s just funny that someone got this. Daniel Howland of Texas decided to get “The Dress” tattooed permanently on his leg. This tattoo seems to be challenging people who saw the dress as white and gold.

I didn’t choose the hug life, the huge life chose me. An interesting side fact is that Tupac said thug life is not about being a criminal but about being the underdog and succeeding. Having nothing and still walking tall.

This t-rex got big ol slab of ham nipple

This is a great self referencing tattoo. It’s the Comic Book Guy from the simpsons, famous for saying worst blank ever, letting us know that this tattoo of himself is the worst tattoo ever.

Although it looks like a small hand stroking one out it’s actually supposed to be a cute tattoo of a baby holding the mom’s finger.

Nurse I think we’re losing him. Dammit get this man some jager redbull! I’ve never had jager redbull, now I’m curious.

Handle bar tramp stamp. uhh.. that’s such a turn off, why would you even put something like that on your body.

You have to have read the childrens’ book “The Monster at the End of This Book starring lovable furry old grover” to appreciate this one.

Just a squirrel trying to get a nut. In this case it’s Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel from ice age.

Little do people know she’s getting all Douglas Hoftstader on our a**es. People give this one a lot of hate for being stupid but I think this girl has a great sense of humour

Instead of hiding it this guy embracing his baldness with a little fun.

Just two pairs of scissors. There is no alternative meaning behind these scissors. Perhaps this person is into arts and crafts, cutting carpets and such.

I guess she wants guys to say I’m lovin it while they’re having . I like my women like I like my McDonalds, cheap, hot, and with a feeling of self loathing afterward.

Maury Povich telling us “You ARE the father” but then it’s crossed out so maybe he’s telling us he’s not the father. This tattoo has us on an emotional rollercoaster

Gotta love this one. It’s so meta. A Lady and the tramp stamp tramp stamp.

I think this one’s hilarious. It says it all.

This a tattoo of the Flying Spaghetti Monster which is from the Pastafarianism religion. Bobby Henderson created the Church of the flying spaghetti monster to satirize the teaching of creationism in Kansas public schools.

Get it?

Mr T
I pity the fool that doesn’t get this tattoo! First name Mister, middle name period, last name T. I’m a little teapot short and stout

Omg I’m gonna crumb! Ooh baby I like it doughy, yeah baby I like doughy, shimmy shimmy ya

Jesus riding a dinosaur. If this was a movie it could be the greatest movie ever

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This guy got a tattoo of Michael Jackson with the double entendre caption “He touched so many…” Now I was a fan of Michael and I have no idea if he ever did anything inappropriate or not, but it’s just funny that someone got this as a tattoo.

So here’s a question: Do you think Michael Jackson was inappropriate with children or was he innocent?

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